Fastfold Mission 5.0 Cart

Fastfold Mission 5.0 Cart

• Easy folding and unfolding technology
• Compact storage
• Big scorecard holder and accessory tray
• Elastic cart straps
• Base for umbrella holder attached

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About Fastfold
Fastfold is World’s fastest growing trolley and golf bag brand. It’s a high-end developed brand for golfers all over the world. Fastfold finds its origin in the Netherlands where all new developments are made.

Key values:
• Passion; products are made with the know-how of golfers
• Fun; with a purchase of Fastfold you complete your golf party
• Accessibility; easy use.
• Fastfold has a standard collection which renews each year. If our customers have special requests we can always personalize our Golftrolleys, Golfbags, travelbags and accessories to your requirements.

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